How video interview platforms help the hiring companies

What are the benefits of video interviews

All the hiring companies across the globe function with a specific format of recruitment process. With the transformation in technology, the hiring process has also witnessed a drastic change where the companies have adopted advanced means for hiring professionals. Video interviewing process has been evolving as one of the key trends in the recruitment process overcoming the drawbacks of conventional telephonic interviews. There are hundreds of applications flooding the emails of recruiters every day. The selection of best talent in a pool of these applications is a challenge for the recruiters. However, with the help of right technology at hand, the recruiters can select the deserving candidate for the job.

The integration of video interview platforms can help the hiring companies to enhance the candidate search and streamline the selection process. With the help of video interviewing platform, the interaction can be more meaningful than the conventional method. There are four major benefits of integrating the video interviewing technology with the applicant tracking system.

  1. Reducing Discrimination: With the help of video interview software, the questions addressed to all candidates remain automated and identical. Geographical discrimination can be avoided with the help of video interviews. Candidates can apply from any part of world, without missing out to the opportunities.
  2. Strengthen the Brand: To maintain a strong company branding, customization of video interview platform is essential to make the interviewee feel valued. The customization of interviewing platform helps in reinforcing the impression of the brand.
  3. Efficient and Effective Screening Process: As all the candidates answer the same question, the recruiter can compare the answers case-by-case basis. The videos provide a better sense of engagement and enthusiasm about a candidate in comparison to just a paper resume or telephonic interview. Video hire can also help in reducing the hassle of scheduling interviews. These video interview platforms help in saving time, energy and travel expenses for the candidates as well as the recruiters in some of the cases.
  4. Easy Collaboration with the Team: The video recording of interviews can be viewed by the other team members. The team can also provide feedback on the candidate and help in choosing the deserving candidate, in order to make the team better. The centralization of interview process can help the company in saving time, money and accelerate the selection process. With the hectic job market, it is very important to realise the importance of time and money. With the collaboration of other team members, you can choose the right candidate without any biasness.

There are various video interviewing platforms available for the hiring companies such as Sparkhire, Hirevue, Talview and others. With the help of these video interview software, the companies can reduce the cost associated in the hiring process. The companies scrutinize hundreds or even thousands of resumes every month in order to filter out the right candidate for their organization. Most of the process become tedious and time consuming, however the traditional processes are being replaced by the insta hiring process by the hiring companies. The video interviewing platforms are expected to take over the market in a few years. Currently, there are few companies who have adopted these video platforms for hiring process. These platforms can also act as a budget constraint in few smaller scale companies. However, with the current transformation in technological world, there is a need for a better screening system for right candidate. The introduction of video interviewing platforms can help the candidates in procuring a job. The intense competition in the job seeker market can be tackled effectively and efficiently with the use of video interview software.

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