Why should you use online video interviewing?

In the world where technology is changing the way we do things, interviews are no exceptions. Today, at least 40% of the employers regularly use some form of video interview platform in the interview process. A video interview is a process where an employer connects with an employee on a platform that allows video communication. Video interviewing has become a part of different stages of the interview process, making it easier for recruiters to find the right talent. An employer might use it to assess the candidates initially or as part of final interview. Video interview caters for many pain points. Here are a few reasons to include video interviewing as part of the hiring process:

Speeds up recruitment process

Video hire enables the employers to connect to the candidates as soon as possible. Using the video platforms during the initial stages helps the recruiters engage the candidates faster. From candidate’s perspective, it makes them feel more involved in the recruitment process. With personal checks of background the employer can understand the candidate better. The psychometric personality test can help the recruiting process easier.

No hassle of interview scheduling

Video Interview software makes it easier for employers to invite the candidates with the time that suits both the parties, instead of all the back and forth for scheduling face-to-face or telephonic interview. This makes the interviews better managed.

Easy filtering of candidates

Video interviews makes it easy for employers to filter the candidates easily for the next stage of the interview process. It saves a lot of time because in the initial minutes, it is easy to identify if a candidate is fit for the role or not. Hence, making it easy to filter unstable candidates for a specific role.

Reducing the time wasted for no-shows

Many a times, candidates do not show up for the interview after all the time spent in scheduling the interview. This can be frustrating due to the volumes of candidates an employer has to handle. With online scheduling, candidates can also provide their availability, which reduces the no-shows.

Selecting good quality candidates

Sometimes selecting candidates based on their CV is not an ideal process. Sometimes, the CV looks fabulous which might not be the actual case. Since video interview makes it simpler to connect to candidates, employer can select right talent faster, going beyond CV.

Minimizing geographical restrictions

Due to the online nature of the interview, there is no geographical restrictions for the employers and candidates to attend the interview. This enables the employers to connect with candidates in different geographies and select the best talent for a specific role

Consistent interview process

Employers can frame a set of standard questions based on which they can carry out the interview process. Candidates are provided a specific time within which they need to answer these questions. This ensures that the interview process is consistent.

Easier comparing candidates

Video Interview platforms enables recording the interview of the candidates and later reviewing it to compare their answers. It also allows employers to share the interview clips among colleagues to get different perspectives.

Improving brand engagement

Nowadays, candidates have become selective of the companies they want to work with. Engaging the potential employers from the initial stages of the interview process via video interview allows employers to present the company in the best light. This makes the candidates interview experience positive as well.

There are various benefits of video hire and employers should start using it as part of their interview routine.