Do you want to Eliminate Virtual Interview Stress?

You’ve got a Job Interview coming up, especially if it’s a Job you really desire and the stakes feel excessive.

Do you get Stressful and Anxious concerning the very idea of a Job Interview?

Do not Panic!

It’s not surprising, as in recent survey 74% of jobseekers claimed that looking for new job and the process of interview are becoming immensely stressful.

Unfortunately, this pre-interview anxiety may vandalize your performance on the tough day of your interview. This worse case of nervousness can lead to interview mistakes- sweating, bouncing of knees, talking too fast, blanking out, fidgeting, babbling – which may lead to a bad impression to Interviewer. For prospective employees, attempting to pitch via video conference software, such as AI, Zoom, Skype can be a bit daunting.

Don’t fear, we’ve put together some Tips to ensure you eliminate interview stress during online interview :

1.Test yourTechnology :

Download video software, on which the interview will be conducted and do a run-through demo trial so that you are confident using the program.Check Internet connection, Camera and MicrophonesP

2.Prepare Details

Organize your interview documents so that you don’t have to worry about it at the time of the interview.

3.Monitor your Posture

Sit comfortably and practice good body language. Make sure the camera is at eye level, you sit up straight without having a fidget and shuffle around.

4.Wear Professional Attire

Although you are not in the office, but in a virtual interview, you should dress as you are preparing for an in-person interview.
Professional dress code will get you some seriousness about the position and the job.


Research on recruiting company prior to your interview will help you become successful in interviewing process.
By researching the organisation, you get to know about their products and services, what they do and competitors.
By this you will make a much better impression on hiring manager.


Analyse the job description.
Practice answering most likely questions, if possible, do a mock interview beforehand.
The more you prepare and practice, the more confident you will be in the job interview.

7.Visualise Success

Prior to job, Picture yourself being successful, it is more than just positive thinking.
If you are looking confident, then the hiring manager will overlook any nervousness you may have.

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