Asynchronous Interview

Replace phone and “face to face” screening and use VDOHire to gain more insights about the candidate through unrehearsed video interview based upon job specific questions set up by the recruiter. The candidate can answer these questions at their own ease, thus, eliminate the hassle of scheduling and free up the recruiters time.

Live Video interview

Give skype a break and interview candidates in real time from any location and record the interview so that it can be referred back and shared with other decision makers for an evidence based hiring. Just invite the candidate from VDOHire system and he can access the interview with one touch click.

Social & Professional Media Sourcing

Publish jobs on social media and LinkedIn to apply for the opportunity as a virtual walk-in. Reach out to a pool of million candidates and hire the best and save the rest for future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

At this initial stage, VDOHire analyses and scores candidates’ video to assess their personality, confidence and communications. Recruiters can assign equal or different weights and arrive at a composite AI score. Over time, VDOHire engine learns the recruiter’s actions in short listing candidates for a particular role and then, applies the same criteria to recommend short listing.


Use knockout feature to filter out unwanted candidates which do not match the selection criteria beforehand, conduct MCQ tests as a next step.

Additional Features

Android App

Video JD’s

Employer branding

Collaboration Tools for Sharing

Seamless Integration with ATS/HRIS

Live Interview Scheduling

Whatsapp Reminders

Comprehensive Candidate Profiles

VDOHire – Benefits

Allow candidates to tell their story

Recruiters can invite candidates from anywhere for anywhere

Candidates have flexibility to respond from anywhere

Eliminate phone interviews

Get quicker feedback by collaborating with decision makers

Best in class experience for candidate