AI in Hiring

VDOHire’s AI driven platform helps recruiter find the right talent in shortest time. It evaluates the candidate on the basis of their communication, personality and behavior of the candidate . VDOHire’s AI also aims at capturing candidates expertise related to job description. The technology driven platform also aims at capturing any unsolicited movement or indulgence in unfair practice that could have resulted in bias approach of the recruiter.

Use Cases

Startups/Growth Enterprise

VDOHire helps growth companies to source, screen and hire the best talent.. from anywhere. Using corporate video and video JDs, companies can attract and sell their stories to passive jobseekers.

Large Organizations

VDOHire can be seamlessly integrated with ATS and HR systems to create an end to end solution. A configurable process flow of assessments and interview enables the organization to screen, shortlist and hire the most suitable candidates.  Leveraging social media, companies can attract passive jobseekers… from anywhere.

Recruitment/ Staffing Agencies

Impress your clients  and provide them a short video interview clip along with traditional candidate profile. This will improve your short listing  ratio and shorten the decision times thus leading to faster revenues and higher customer satisfaction for the agencies. And best of all, its free for the agencies.

Campus Hiring

Your campus recruitment teams are expected to visit hundreds of campuses and identify, engage and hire talented candidates. Won’t it be better if you could engage, identify and shortlist high quality candidates from your office !! You simply interview the shortlisted candidates when on campus and hire the ones you like.

College/ University Admissions

Every year, Colleges and Universities undertake the mammoth task of assessing and interviewing the applicants. This process takes significant time, effort and costs; further, often interviews are done by various faculty and alumni that may bring in inconsistencies and subjectivity.  Move the process better and faster with VDOHire.