Benefits of using VDOHire

  • Reach out to more people

  • Reduce lead time in hiring

  • Curtail cost of hiring

  • Multiply recruiter capability

  • Reduce subjectivity in hiring decisions

  • Source from any channel
    Process through VDOHire

Video Interview :

the new-age hiring engine
  • No Scheduling Conflicts :

    No scheduling hassles and delays. Lets you scrutinise candidates through videos, waiting for you in a queue. Sanctity of interview retained as responses are spontaneous and not practiced.

  • Customized Interview Questions :

    Choose from available sets of interview questions available by industry and by function. Or create your own. In Text, Audio or Video format.

  • Maintain A Digital Record :

    Not sure what goes on inside an interview room and why someone is rejected? Now you will have a digital record of the interview as well as the evaluation.

  • Positive Experience for Jobseekers as well :

    No longer does the jobseeker have to come back again and again. A positive experience for the jobseeker might lead to greater hiring success, and more satisfied new entrants.

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Added advantages of using VDOHire

  • Assessments

    Ready-to-use assessments for additional evaluation; integration on demand with external solutions

  • Audition

    Analyze a candidate’s audition, apart from basic information, before inviting him/her for automated interview

  • Employer Branding

    Multiple, customisable options of enabling your organisation to stand out

How Analytics of VDOHire Can Help Clients?

Track recruiting activities and derive meaningful insights

  • Monitor evaluator's productivity
  • Track job post status
  • Understand Behavior of job-seekers
  • Get objective data based on digital imprints

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