How VDOHire helps

Reduce Turn around time by 67%

Collaborate with decision makers to accelerate decision making

Cut down recruitment cost by 60 %

Source passive jobseekers through social media

VDOHire Artificial Intelligence

VDOHire is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based video interviewing solution that leverages mobile technology and video to re-engineer traditional screening process.

VDOHire AI enables recruiters to evaluate the candidates based upon their 3 traits

  • Personality Score
  • Communication Score
  • Confidence
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Move ahead a step quicker by pre filtering the best candidates by assessing their personality, communication and behaviour

  • “VDOhire platform helped us shrink the entire hiring process to one third the time it used to take. They also provided exceptional service.”

    – Moion Rosleo, APC

  • “We use video interviews for every role. Being able to review the candidates’ interviews at any time is a huge benefit for us.”

    – Ooini Bimor, HP

  • “Since implementing VDOhire, we’ve increased our revenue by 300% and improved our submit-to-hire ratio from 3:1 to 2:1. Our clients love this tool!”

    – Peena Barma, Cogniio


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Social Media Sourcing

As a recruiter you want the most qualified candidate and the largest pool . Recruiter can leverage the social media to tap in the potential candidates, find talent, and communicate with potential recruits about company culture using VDOHire.

Corporate Branding and Promoting Employer Value Proposition

  • Video content to show candidate your office culture
  • Let candidate know what you are actually looking for in one using video job description
  • Engage candidates from any where on their laptop/desktop or Mobile
  • Filter our best candidates using VDOHire threshold assessments
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