Refund Policy

VDOHire  does not refund purchased services. Consequently, there will be no refunds for periods where VDOHIre Services were unused should your account be cancelled including, but not limited to, period of dormancy or time remaining on subscription plans.  Moreover, should you enter into a Monthly or annual subscription plan wherein you make monthly payments, you agree to make monthly payments for the entire term of your subscription plan whether you use or cancel the VDOHire Services prior to the expiration of your subscription.  Consequently, VDOHire cannot cancel or refund monthly payments associated with subscription plans. VDOHire give  provision to use the platform free of cost for first month for limited number of interviews, after first month free trial the user can opt in for monthly or annually subscription .

VDOHire initiates services as soon as you pay, there are no refunds. To treat every customer fairly, no exceptions will be made. An up gradation from smaller plan to bigger plan is possible .If the account is cancelled before  current billing cycle ends, you wont be charged when your next billing cycle arrives.

If you have questions or concerns about this Refund Policy, please contact us through the below email: